Aesir Manufacturing is small and nimble but well equipped shop. Our freedom allows an individualized approach to research and development, this means we can make rapid progress and consider various avenues quickly without wasted time. If we need something it is ordered on the spot, if we need something made we walk into the workshop or lab, if we don’t understand something we research it, we get on with it.

If you are a large company you may want a new look to current problems or to work in a new area without affecting your own research and development department. You may simply not have the time, or workforce to perform a certain task, or it may fall outside of your expertise. It may be that it lands outside anyone’s expertise, falling between the cracks of the disciplines, we can help.

For companies that don’t have research and development facilities and are in need of inventive solutions for their business we can offer a cost effective solution with fast turn around. We buy the machines and equip a lab so that you don’t have to, you pay for just what you need as and when you need it.